Turn any Greeting Card into a magical moment of surprise!

The moment they open their card…the surprise appears…just like magic. The surprise gift can be used over and over again. Choose the gift surprise for your next Greeting Card from items listed below.

The Flying Butterfly is wound up and placed in the folds of your Greeting Card….and when the card is opened it flies up into the air 4 to 6 feet high.

For details CLICK HERE!

The flowers4cards is held closed in the folds of your Greeting Card…and when the card is opened… a bouquet of paper flowers  spring open from within the card.

For details CLICK HERE! 

The Appearing Magic Wand! 

Another surprise gift item which is rolled up and hidden in fold your Greeting Cards…and when the card is opened…the wand magically opens from within the card.

These Appearing Magic Wands are made of Mylar which spring open when released.

Simply place the 1 1/2 inch rolled up the wand as shown in the photo, into a compassed space…once the pressure on the wand is released it will instantly opens 14 inches in length. It looks like magic!

It can be used over and over again. The perfect magical gift for those magic moments.

Price $3.00 each

BUY ONE get ONE FREE! (This is only available as a one time purchase.)

Order TEN for $22.00 ( $2.20 each)

Plus $3.00 for shipping within the USA.

Contact information:

4075 Timber Trail Ct. Melbourne, FL 32904

Steve Hart 321-258-8132